Corporate Governance

Mega Lifesciences Public Company Limited believes in and strives to live by the highest standards of Corporate Governance. It is our constant endeavor to not only achieve, but even surpass the Corporate Governance principles laid down by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and other related organizations.

The Company believes in doing business with highest professional standards with no compromise on ethics, transparency and accountability. The Company has a detailed policy on Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Code of Conduct as guiding stones. These policies are compliant with the guidelines by the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

The Company believes and lives by its core values of ‘Truth’, ‘Trust’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Freedom’ in all what is does and constantly encourages all the employees and other stakeholders to live and practice these values by carefully designing its training programs, employment policies and CSR activities.

Documents File Size Download
Corporate Governance Policy 189 KB.
Business Ethics & Code of Conduct 163 KB.
Risk Factors 413 KB.
Articles of Association 134 KB.
Dividend Policy 88 KB.
Whistle Blower Policy 90 KB.
Insider Information Policy 95 KB.
Memorandum of Association 86 KB.
Business Objectives 92 KB.
Anti-Bribery Policy and Procedures 240 KB.
Board Policy 274 KB.
Health Safety & Environment Policy 137 KB.
Disclosure Policy 116 KB.
Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention 65 KB.
Key Regulations 663 KB.
Compliance Handbook 276 KB.
Change in Shareholding of Board of Directors and Management 48 KB.
Risk Management Policy and Framework 121 KB.
Roles and Responsibilities of Chairman 306 KB.
Corporate's Tax Policy 64 KB.
Suppliers' Code 226 KB.