When was Mega Lifesciences Public Company Limited (MEGA) listed on stock exchange?
MEGA was listed on 19th November 2013 on Stock exchange of Thailand.
What does MEGA do?
MEGA is a leading participant in the health and wellness industry in developing countries. Our business may be categorized into three segments:
  1. Mega We CareTM branded products business: We develop, manufacture, market and sell our own brand of market leading nutraceutical products, prescription pharmaceutical products and OTC products which are sold in 31 developing countries,
  2. MaxxcareTM distribution business: We market, sell and distribute various branded prescription pharmaceutical products, OTC and FMCG products. We operate our MaxxcareTM distribution business in three countries, namely, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia. Our clients for this business segment include leading domestic and international pharmaceutical and FMCG companies, and
  3. OEM business: In addition to manufacturing our own branded products, our manufacturing facilities in Thailand and Australia accept various production orders from third-party customers.
Tell us about the type of products you have in Mega We CareTM branded products business?
We have 3 types of products under Mega We CareTM branded products business:
  1. Nutraceutical: Products which provide health benefits in addition to the basic nutritional value found in normal diet. Skin health, general health/Immunity, Liver health, men’s/women health and bones health are the key categories.
  2. Prescription: Medicines only available for purchase by consumers with a medical prescription. Diabetology, dermatology, gastroenterology and orthopedics are the key therapeutic categories.
  3. OTC: Medicines sold directly to consumer without a prescription from a healthcare professional. Analgesics, gastroenterology and cough and cold are the key therapeutic categories.
Does MEGA manufacture its Mega We Care branded products on its own?
Yes, MEGA has 2 manufacturing facilities in Thailand (approved by German health authorities, Thai FDA and TGA Australia) and 1 in Australia (approved by TGA Australia). Per FY2014, more than 80% of the total products sold under Mega We CareTM segment were manufactured in-house.
What is the largest market for Mega We CareTM products?
Southeast Asia is the largest market contributing 80.2% of Mega We CareTM revenue in FY2014.
Tell us about your position in MaxxcareTM distribution business?
MEGA is a leading international distributor of pharmaceutical and OTC products in the Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia. MEGA also enjoys a leading position in the distribution of consumer products in Myanmar and Cambodia.
What is the infrastructure strength for MEGA in MaxxcareTM distribution business?
As at 31 December 2014, MEGA had 8 warehouses in Myanmar, 4 in Vietnam and 1 in Cambodia, robust information systems and more than 1,700 skilled employees which allows MEGA to be at the forefront in providing world class service.
Which is the largest market for MaxxcareTM distribution business?
Myanmar is the largest market contributing more than 65% of MaxxcareTM distribution business in FY2014.